Pool Tiles

When looking at pool areas, there are basically two options:

  • Waterline tiling
  • Complete tiling

Recommended PEI rating:  N/A




Waterline Tiling

This is the most traditional use of tile in a pool and it entails using tile just at the top of the pool usually along the waterline. In most cases a decorative border of some type is used, however, a plain colour tile or blend of colours a can also be used. With this option the rest of the pool can either be painted or covered with a pool coating product.

Complete Tiling

In recent years there has been a trend to use tile throughout the entire pool area. Decorative borders can still be used at the waterline and mosaic murals can be used as well. When tiling a complete pool area, smaller tiles (1″x1″, 2″x2″, or 3″x3″) that are ‘sheet’ mounted are recommended in order to accommodate the curved areas of the pool. These can be glass mosaics or glazed tile. These ‘sheet’ mounted tiles can be one colour or are available in blends of colours. Pools completely tiled with darker colours tend to retain heat from the sunlight and be significantly warmer in the night. They are also significantly easier to maintain.

Chemical Resistance

When selecting a tile for inside of a pool, it is important to ensure that the tile can be used in that application with regards to its chemical resistance. Not all glazes will be able to stand up to the chemicals inside of a pool.

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