Living Area


Typically, one main floor tile is used throughout a house from Living Area to Kitchens to passageways etc, however, depending on one’s taste, anything can be done. In cases where different tiles are used in different areas, a decorative border of some type is suggested on the door thresholds separating these areas.

Recommended PEI rating: 3 or above




Tile Size

Any size tile can be used in a Living Area it just depends on the style and look you would like. However, typically, since living areas tend to be the largest rooms in a house, larger format tiles are often used. This creates less grout lines and tends to make the area seem bigger.

Tile Finish

Depending on the look you are going for, anything from elegant high gloss tiles to heavy rustic tiles can be used. Be mindful of using extremely non-skid or outdoor type products as they tend to be more difficult to keep clean. One recent trend made possible by the advancement in production technology, is using authentic wood looking tiles that give the same effect but none of the traditional maintenance problems of using real wood.

Inserts and Borders

Living areas are perfect spaces to add some decorative elements such as inserts and borders. They are both available in many different styles and colors to choose from, however, some main ‘field’ tiles may have specific borders and inserts that are specifically designed for that tile. Inserts are typically 3″x3″, 4″x4″, 6″x6″ or 8″x8″ and can be used systematically or sporadically throughout the floor. There are also larger inserts called ‘medallions’ which can range from 12″x12″ to 36″x36″ and are used in foyer, entrance or landing type areas. Borders are typically used around the perimeter of a room, across door thresholds or sometimes as a skirting up the walls.

Mats or Rugs

If a living area has an entrance directly from the outside or garage, it is recommended to ensure that you have a good mat or rug at the entrance way. This will trap a lot of the dirt and any small debris that may be carried inside. As simple as this may seem, it can add many years to the life of your floor.

Living Area Wall Tiling

Traditionally, wall tiles were typically used mainly in bathrooms and kitchen areas, however, in recent years there has been quite an increase in using wall tiles in living areas. Many designers and architects have been employing ceramic & porcelain tile to clad living area wall facings making them much easier to maintain and also giving them a more modern ‘feel’. Driven by new manufacturing technologies, the latest trends are to use large format, irregular and regular shaped porcelain/ceramic tile, with high gloss, matt or rustic finishes. Some manufacturers have also begun making extremely thin porcelain products specifically for these applications.

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