Bedroom Tiles

Typically, one main floor tile is used throughout a house from Living Area to Kitchens to passageways etc, however, depending on one’s taste, anything can be done. In cases where different tiles are used in different areas, a decorative border of some type is suggested on the door thresholds separating these areas.

Recommended PEI rating:  3 or above

Tile Size

Any size tile can be used in a bedroom area it just depends on the style and look you would like.

Tile Finish

Depending on the look you are going for, anything from elegant high gloss tiles to heavy rustic tiles can be used. Be mindful of using extremely non-skid or outdoor type products as they tend to be more difficult to keep clean. One recent trend made possible by the advancement in production technology, is using authentic wood looking tiles that give the same effect but none of the traditional maintenance problems of using real wood.

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