Germans Boada, s.a., RUBI, has its origins in 1951 with the invention of a manual cutter for hydraulic mosaic work, created by the Boada brothers.

This new tool had an excellent reception, receiving a diploma of honour and the gold medal at the first national exhibition of inventions, held in Barcelona in 1953.

The new tool, christened with the name of RUBI®, served as a foundation pillar for this company which now designs, manufactures and distributes machinery and tools for construction and especially all the equipment required for the correct laying of tiles and other building materials.

The ongoing work of Germans Boada, S.A., both in Spain and abroad, together with the quality and performance of the wide range of RUBI®products, has achieved a strong position for the brand on all markets and an enthusiastic reception by the finest professionals on all five continents.

With the aim of providing more personalized service and adapting to the needs of each market, Germans Boada, S.A. has not only divided its sales department into two main areas, but is also directly represented in Portugal, Italy, France, United States, Poland, China, Holland, Germany, England, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba and United Arab. Such organization enables us to satisfy customers in more than 140 countries with an absolute guarantee of success.

Below are the RUBI products that we typically keep in stock

Professional Manual Tile Cutters

The most complete range of tile cutter. Different models, sizes and accessories.

We stock the TR, TS, TX, SPEED & POCKET ranges.

Electric Cutting & Mitering Saws

We stock the DU, DW, DS, & DR ranges of ceramic cutting machines using diamond disc.

Diamond Blades

We stock a host of Diamond Blades. Discs for cutting different materials used in construction.

Mixing Accessories

Mixers and rods to mix all kinds of mortars and liquids.

Trowels & Floats

The wide range of jagged edges (squared, triangular, or rounded) is adapted to all ceramic materials and formats and different bonding materials. Jagged edges available from 1/8” (3×3 mm.) to 13/16” (20×20 mm.).


Range of nippers for different uses: For porcelain, mosaics and other materials.

Rubber Hammers

Mallets and rubber hammers for levelling the height of the ceramics through out instalation


Tile Spacers, ” T ” and wedges for the correct placement of ceramics. Quality base material, without impurities or imperfections.

The above ranges are what we typically keep in-stock, however, all of RUBI products are available for custom orders. Click here to browse the entire catalog of RUBI products.