Finishing Strips


Emac® is one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of profiles and trims for ceramic and porcelain tiles.

They offer the broadest profiles range in the market of decorative and protection solutions for tiles, as well as expansion and structural joints for all kind of floorings, walls, facades and urban pavements. They are present in more than 110 countries, and have a division in USA that allow them to supply Emac® profiles with fluidity to all the Americas.

They boast one of the the deepest ranges in the market, with more than 2000 items, sizes, finishings, colours…with the highest quality.  They are one of the only companies in the world that completely specialize in profiles and trims for ceramic and porcelain  tiles.

Certified Quality

EMAC® has obtained in 2009 the ISO 9001:2008 re-certification, an update and improvement of the Rule 9001:2000, a testament to their appreciation of quality and innovation.

Innovation in profiles for wall and flooring applications


Every year Emac® introduces new and exclusive products following the trends of the ceramic market, and offer to their customers the newest solutions. New designs, new models, new materials, new finishes and colours… to solve any kind of project with the final touch.



Below are some of the Emac products that are typically in-stock at Ceramic Trinidad Limited.


Basic Wall & Floor edging strips

  Novocanto PVC: PVC trim to protect tiled corners. It is easy to place and it is available in a wide range of plain, marble and bright colours.

Non Skid Stair Edging

  Novopeldano 1: Profile to finish off steps with a non-skid PVC trial and a solid aluminum base. It is suitable for heavy traffic areas. The PVC trial can be exchanged easily and it is available in several colours.
  Novopeldano 1P: Finish off for steps. It is made in aluminum with an internal non-skid PVC trial in an aluminium base. It is suitable for heavy traffic areas. The PVC trial is interchangeable and available in several colours.
  Novopeldano 4: AluminumMetallic finishing for steps. Unalterable in the outside, and anti-sliding. It can also be used as decorative listel.

Spcialty Wood Floor Edging for Stairs & Countertops

  Novopeldano Romano: Profile with natural wood. It perfectly integrates with the rustic settings, following the current trend in using traditional natural materials. As the other models, the placement is easy. It is available in different sorts of natural wood. Protected with a plastic film.
  Novopeldano Front 2: Perfect for counter-top mouldings as well.

The above products are what we typically keep in-stock, however, all EMAC products are available for custom orders. Click here to learn more about the company and the other products that are available.